Animal Anatomy Books For Artists

It not only covers the anatomy of the most common ones, such as the horse, dog or cat, but also the anatomy of numerous wild species, such as the lion, giraffe, deer, hippopotamus and more. An atlas of animal anatomy for artists. Free shipping on 3 books or more!

Incredibly thorough, packed with essential information, animal anatomy for artists is a definitive reference work, an essential book for everyone who depicts animals in their art. Oxford university press inc isbn: 313 x 237 x 22 mm Animal anatomy for artists is an essential reference for any artist working with animals. It provides remarkably extensive material on the horse, cow, lion, and dog, and strong basic material on numerous other species, domestic and exotic. Goldfinger presents material that is not available in any other anatomy book in print. Animal anatomy and psychology for the artist and layman. By knight, charles r.

Here are 288 remarkably lifelike drawings of animals, furnishing artists and students with an easy-to-follow method of instruction in the drawing of horses, dogs, lions, cows and bulls, stags, and goats. So detailed and so accurate are these drawings that this book has long been a classic work of its kind.
The animals are shown in three ways: external full views and dozens of details (paws, head, eyes, legs, etc.); beneath-the-skin drawings of musculature and of the positions and insertions of each muscle; and skeleton drawings of the bone structures that support and determine surface contours and configurations. In addition, special cross-sections dissect those portions of the animal — such as the head and limbs — that are most important to the artist.

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