Book Of Acts Bible Study Questions And Answers

Acts 6:2 bible study questions. Who are the hellenists and the hebrews? Why were the widows among the hellenists neglected in the daily distribution (acts 6:1)?

Why did paul go to macedonia (acts 20:1) and greece (acts 20:2)? Where in greece (acts 20:2) did paul go and how long did he stay? How did paul adapt his plans after learning that the jews plotted against him (acts 20:3)? Answers for a study in the book of acts: “answers for a study in the book of acts” is a weekly post in addition to the regular “case for the new testament” posts on the weekend. Read acts 1 then answer these questions. What does this name mean?) 2. What conclusion do you reach about who wrote the book of acts?

Bible quiz on Acts Part 1. Part one of the quiz on Acts. Bible quiz on Acts of the Apostles book of the bible. Part 1 of the acts bible quiz is a series of questions about stories, events and people of the book of Acts.

15 YouTube bible trivia countdown bible quiz on the book of Acts. Keep track of your answers because the answers are given after all of the questions. You have 15 seconds ⏱ to answer each countdown bible quiz question.

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Quiz on the book of Acts Chapters 1 to 8 👉

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The bible references for the answers are usually from the New Living Translation (NLT), International Children Bible (ICB) or King James versions of the bible.

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Select the ⏱ timestamp ⏱ for the answer with bible references to some of the quiz questions
0:00 Quiz on Acts intro
4:40 Who wrote the book of Acts?
4:43 Whom was the book of Acts addressed to at the time writing?
5:27 What was the field Judas Iscariot bought?
6:10 How many people were praying in the Upper room after the ascension of Jesus?
6:53 In the Old Testament who prophesied about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost?
7:49 True or False - The crippled man jumped up immediately Peter told him to rise and walk?

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