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It’s friends to lovers to strangers (they drift apart) to lovers. It’s contemporary romance and it’s really good! If by strangers you mean there has been a lapse in the friendship and they lost touch for a period of time, i recommend the people we.

The book keeps saying how much she loves animals (especially her dog). My dogs are members of my. I have read quite a few best friends to lovers where the mmc is a total player and the fmc isn't at all. Sincerely, carter by whitney g, blurred lines by lauren layne, and when sparks fly by helena hunting, marriage on madison ave by lauren layne. Click the 🌈 magic search button which will take you to a google webpage. Type your search term (a simple keyword works best) where it says site:reddit. com/r/romancebooks. For example, for friends to lovers, it will look like: Site:reddit. com/r/romancebooks friends to lovers.