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There is a list for required reading in high school so this one is for college. I had to take world literature in college but don't remember much. All votes add books to this list.

Remember than an effective book report will have an introduction that mentions the book title, author, and include the points you will be making throughout the body paragraphs. Your body paragraphs will expand on those ideas that you brought up in the introduction, using quotes from the book, analysis, and summary to aide you. Taken from the yasla list fiction outstanding books for the college bound. All votes add books to this list. The handmaid's tale (the handmaid's tale, #1) by. Margaret atwood (goodreads author) 4. 13 avg rating โ€” 1,768,106 ratings. 489 , and 5 people voted. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, and always highly readable, this poetry collection plays with our preconceptions of famous women from literature.

Here are the 5 books that I recommend to pretty much everyone!! If youโ€™d like to learn about how to effectively reduce stress, negotiation, making money, memorization, or critical moments in history, these 5 books have you completely covered!!

Below are links to the books I mentioned in the video:

Moonwalking with Einstein:
Never Split the Difference:
The Stress-Proof Brain:
Destiny of the Republic:
The 4-Hour Workweek:


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Books are one of the only things in life that allow us to 'transcend time'. Despite not being able to be there in person, we're able to put ourselves in the shoes of the narrator, or the author, or the protagonist, and experience what they experience, learn from their mistakes, and more from the comfort of anywhere in the world.

It does take time to make our way through books one at a time, but the price for what we receive in return is relatively insignificant. We can walk in the shoes of the greatest heroes, vilest of villains, craftiest of strategists, and live multiple lifetimes in the span of a handful of hours.

Books are amazing, and if you aren't in love with books already, I hope you find joy in reading them like I have:)

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