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Linda castillo edit your search. Over 2,800 results 2,800 results Bestselling author linda castillo is the recipient of numerous writing awards, including the daphne du maurier award of excellence, the holt medallion and a nomination for the rita.

Know all linda castillo next book release dates and the newest linda castillo books. Explore the complete linda castillo new releases 2021/2022 below and check back as more books are added: This is the first novel in the kate burkholder series and was released in the year 2009. Kate burkholder has 77 entries in the series. Order of kate burkholder books. Breaking silence by linda castillo 9780330471916 pan macmillan from ik. imagekit. io linda castillo became a published author in 2000 with the novel remember the night. Linda castillo is the new york times bestselling author of the kate burkholder series, including sworn to silence and gone missing, crime thrillers set in amish country. Sworn to silence was recently adapted into a lifetime original movie titled an amish murder starring neve campbell as kate burkholder.

An Amish community may seem an unlikely place to set a mystery novel. But author Linda Castillo has just completed her 13th thriller set in the fictional Amish town of Painter's Mill, Ohio. In the Kate Burkholder detective series, a female detective who grew up Amish solves crimes that intrude upon the peaceful community. Her latest book "Outsider" tells a story of police corruption and long buried secrets. Linda talks about her fascination with the Amish community, her writing process and how she brings her characters and settings to life.

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