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The old republic is a series of novels and short stories published by del rey. The old republic, and accompany a comic series of the same name. Further details of the old republic storyline may be gained by accessing.

Their plan to rewrite the continuity fans were familiar with was certainly controversial, but they have since created a canon. The star wars holiday special; The book of boba fett; Canon books category page. Edit edit source history talk (0) in other languages. Set 150 years before phase 1, phase ii of star wars: The high republic will center around jedha, a planet rich in its connection to the force. Path of vengeance (upcoming) the high republic:

In this episode of The Story Mode, I break down how to read the Star Wars Canon novels. I make many recommendations based on my favorite novels that I've read so far, and I break down the Star Wars Canon Novel timeline to show you all exactly where each novel fits in.

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