The Key Book Scrutiny

Pupil work scrutiny for religious education. Key questions to consider needs development satisfactory good outstanding is the work in the books primarily focussed on re? Much of the work has no clear focus on re.

Adapt it to suit your focus and context. It includes questions you may wish to ask yourself to help you complete the work scrutiny. There's space in the template to add: You’ll find some sample text for a work scrutiny focusing on the quality of marking in english, to give you an idea of what this might downloads Ofsted have announced that book or work scrutiny will be an important part of the new inspection framework ( from para 102 here ). Effective scrutiny and challenge. Processes without intelligent scrutiny and challenge are not enough! In order to ensure that your organisation's key functions are delivered effectively, board members need to hold the organisation to account for its performance by offering purposeful and robust challenge and scrutiny.

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